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The BEST program is a unique entrepreneurship initiative that integrates Lassonde School of Engineering, Schulich School of Business and Osgoode Law School at York University. BEST offers the environment, culture, and resources to help students appreciate how they can use technology to solve societal challenges and grow as entrepreneurs. It was a great opportunity to work with the BEST team and showcase this stand alone website, opening many possibilities online to empower, educate, and inspire students to become changemakers through the skills that they develop in entrepreneurial experiences and education ⁕
Tools ⁕ Wordpress | Figma | Miro
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The initial website was later migrated under the York University's Lassonde Website.

The most of the design features and User Interface was preserved and transferred into Lassonde website with a few changes to fit there brand guidelines. I had assisted during the migration of the website, managing the interface and updating early edits for the site ​⁕
New BEST Lassonde site SC
All the sub pages were organized and planned with the team before published, including the program manager, organizer/developer, Entreprenuer in Residence and Lassonde faculty's Communications and marketing department. ⁕