UI / Branding


Figma | illustrator | Photoshop

collaborated with:

Cookin Team

During my 2023 summer internship at Cookin, I had the opportunity to learn and grow in various aspects. I understood the importance of adhering to brand guidelines and rules to maintain a consistent visual identity across various design projects. This involved considering color schemes, typography, imagery, and other brand elements. I also had the opportunity to engage in hands-on print, graphic, and UI work.


I crafted visually appealing content cards to capture users' attention and encourage interaction. These cards combine images, text, and interactive elements to convey relevant information and highlight app features. Additionally, I create custom illustrations that enrich the app's interface, aligning with branding and effectively communicating messages. I also design in-app messages and notifications, collaborating with product development and marketing teams to ensure clarity and engagement.
Cookin app
Cookin In- App Popups
cookin app
No items found page
Cookin app 1
Welcome In-App popup


Assisting with merchandise and brand-focused packaging, as well as creating print materials such as banners, posters, and flyers for events.
Cookin print
Pocket size brochure for Cookin
cookin stickers
Sticker set 1
cookin stickers
Sticker set 2

Social media

I collaborate with the marketing team to brainstorm and create captivating social media content for both instagram platforms for Toronto and Texas. This involves contributing design expertise, generating ideas, and participating in feedback sessions to ensure visually appealing and on-brand content that engages the target audience.
Cookin social
Collage of social media work

Email & document design

As a design intern at Cookin, one of my key responsibilities is creating daily email content. I receive a brief from my supervisor, developed in collaboration with the content lead and intern. Using brand-friendly illustrations and visuals, I follow brand guidelines to craft visually appealing emails. I iterate on the designs based on feedback from my supervisor and the marketing team. By ensuring adherence to brand rules and incorporating feedback, I contribute to delivering engaging email content to our customers.
cookin email gif
Professional document design for Cookin

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