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The colors represent the boldness in sportsmanship, with blue, red, and black reflecting the diverse range of emotions and narratives explored throughout the event. Each color will represent each day. The symbol 'STSW' is created using acrylic paint strokes and then treated later in Photoshop.
Poster series artwork

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STSW Brand research
In the context of a show title like "Stride & Swagger –" it could signify the journey or exploration of athletic fashion with flair and confidence, emphasizing both the functional aspect of sportswear and the stylish expression associated with it. The title conveys a sense of dynamism, energy, and sophistication, inviting viewers to embark on an exciting and stylish adventure through the world of athletic fashion.
brand 1
Brand Imagery treatment with text logo
brand 2
Brand Imagery treatment with STSW symbol

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Showcase itenirary


Date: 2024. 10. 03
Time: 8:30pm


Kick off the weekend with the premiere screening of "Stride & Swagger." Stay for a panel discussion featuring industry experts, athletes, and fashion pioneers as they discuss the evolving landscape of athletic fashion.

Date: 2024. 10. 04
Time: 7:30pm


Join us for a full day of exciting workshops exploring innovation in competition wear, brand management strategies, and the socio-economic impact of sports fashion. Participate in hands-on workshops to discover the creative process behind designing athletic apparel.

Date: 2024. 10. 05
Time: 6:00pm


Meet your favourite athletes featured in "Stride & Swagger" and experience a dazzling fashion showcase highlighting the latest trends in athletic fashion. From high-performance activewear to chic athleisure, witness the fusion of sports and style come to life on the runway.
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STSW symbol Process

The STSW symbol was created using acrylic paint to achieve the brush stroke effect, then scanned to be repurposed in imagery and other brand design elements.

I aimed to incorporate authentic grunge texture and convey a sense of movement to represent athleticism. The details within the brush stroke imparted an elemental feeling and created an eye-catching symbol that will pique viewers' curiosity about the poster's content.
Creation of the STSW symbol process video

Takeaways *

This was a personal project that allowed me to research into branding and discover intriguing ways to represent a meaningful show. It was enjoyable to design a documentary series specifically organized for screening, workshops, and a showcase, based on research that interested me in the fields of fashion and sports—two areas I specialize in. I found that engaging in simple research and designing something related to such topics is important for practicing my skills.
Posters on a street wall

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