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BDES Bachelor of Design, Canada

Current Status ⁕

4th year student @YorkU Design Program (Graduating 2024)

Seeking an entry-level opportunity in graphic/product design!

I'm all about making cool things, creating, improving existing stuff, visualizing ideas, sharing, and connecting—that's my designer mojo. Hence, I am a multidisciplinary designer—I play around with branding, UI, UX, and print. But it's not just that; I'm a bit of a learning junkie, always hungry for knowledge ⁕

Oh, and bubble tea? Count me in.
I'm also a cat lady (but hey, dogs are cool too).

If you think I am a best fit for you, feel free to contact me anytime!
Also, check out my resume !

I know how to use :

Illustrator | Photoshop | InDesign | Figma | Miro | Premier Pro | Beginner Visual Studio Code [HTML, CSS, Javascript]

Junior Designer
Maple Leads Sports & entertaintment
| Global Partnerships
yorkulionsyorku Logo
Graphic Designer
York University | Athletics and Recreation
Junior Designer (Intern)
Graphic Designer
York University | Bergeron Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology
Saumya Wickramasinghe
Create . Design . Solve .
Create . Design . Solve .